Ph.D., Computer Science
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022
Advisor: Dr. Vivek Sarkar
Thesis: Optimized Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Parallel Architectures

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering
University of Pune, 2012


GPU Subwarp Interleaving, HPCA 2022
S.Damani, M.Stephenson, R.Rangan, D.R.Johnson, R.Kulkarni, S.W.Keckler

Memory Access Scheduling to Reduce Thread Migrations, CC 2022
S.Damani, P.Barua, and V.Sarkar

Speculative reconvergence for improved SIMT efficiency, CGO 2020
S.Damani, D.R.Johnson, M.Stephenson, S.W.Keckler, E.Yan, M.McKeown, O.Giroux

Common Subexpression Convergence, LCPC 2019
S.Damani and V.Sarkar


MLIR Tutorial, MLIR4HPC@LCPC 2019
Jacques Pienaar and Sana Damani


Techniques for divergent thread group execution scheduling
S. Damani, M. Stephenson, R. Rangan, D.R. Johnson, R. Kulkarni
Publication Date: 01/27/2022

Convergence among concurrently executing threads
D. Johnson, J. Choquette, O. Giroux, M. McKeown, M.W. Stephenson, S. Damani
Publication Date: 03/12/2020


Parallelizing Compilers with Dr. Vivek Sarkar
Georgia Institute of Technology, Fall 2020

Teaching assistant
GPU Architecture with Dr. Sudhakar Yalamanchili
Georgia Institute of Technology, Spring 2018


Graduate Research Assistant, 2017-2022
Georgia Institute of Technology

Graduate Intern, Summer 2018/2020/2021
Architecture Research Group, Nvidia

Graduate Intern, Summer 2019
TensorFlow Team, Intel

Senior System Software Engineer, 2012-2017
GPU Compiler Team, Nvidia

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